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    Our customers have been asking for you.... so HERE IT IS! You can now save time & money by building your own set of your favorite diet stevia flavors with the Build Your Own Stevia Set.

    The brand of stevia that we offer, Sweet Leaf® Sweet Drops is allowable when following nearly any weight loss plan or healthy living plan. This stevia is allowed on the low calorie phase and the maintenance phase of the Pounds and Inches Away Weight Management Plan. This diet safe stevia is an all-natural sweetener that is tasty when put in cold or hot tea, coffee or carbonated water. Stevia can be used to substitute sugar or sweetener in any quantity and in all foods and beverages on most diets or healthy living plans. Our liquid stevia is available in an assortment of diet safe flavors as well as unflavored.

    If you're having a hard time deciding what flavors to get, here are some good combinations of stevia flavors that we have built in the past:

    Wonderful Water Stevia Set: Perfect for flavoring water:

    • Lemon Drop Stevia
    • Chocolate Raspberry Stevia
    • Valencia Orange Stevia
    • Berry Stevia

    Creamy Coffee Stevia Set: Perfect for flavoring coffee:

    • Vanilla Creme Stevia
    • Chocolate Stevia
    • English Toffee Stevia
    • Hazelnut Stevia

    Stevia Taster Set: This is our top sellers for Stevia:

    • Vanilla Crème Stevia
    • Chocolate Stevia
    • Berry Stevia
    • Lemon Drop Stevia

    Use all-natural Stevia to replace artificial sweeteners and sugar in food and beverages in any quantity. We offer diet safe stevia liquid and diet safe stevia powder. The stevia liquid comes in many flavors that are great for flavoring coffee; water.

    According to Wisdom Natural Brands; Sweet Leaf® Sweet Drops offers the following benefits:

    • Our stevia is best tasting & highest quality stevia.
    • No added chemicals to this safe stevia.
    • This stevia is extracted using only heat and purified water.
    • All natural Stevia.
    • This Stevia is zero calories.
    • This Stevia has a zero glycemic index.
    • This Stevia has zero carbohydrates.
    • This Stevia is safe for diabetics.
    • This brand of stevia is great for baking and cooking; unlike chemical sweeteners.
    • This stevia is kosher certified.
    • No saccharin; aspartame; refined sugar; maltodextrin; fructose; or artificial sweeteners of any kind!  Read more about ingredients here.

    For more information (such as ingredients, nutritional information, etc) on the foods listed above please view the individual products.  


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    1. Make your own Flavored Soda drinks

      My family and I have been using Wisdom brand flavored Stevia for several years in foods, drinks and especially to make flavored sodas. We have even mixed different flavors of Stevia to make our own special drink treat. It is perfect on the HCG diet to satisfy your cola withdraw.
      on 9th Jul 2014

    2. Great on foods!

      I have continued using these drops in many foods after losing the desired weight. I love to add chocolate to apple slices, flavors to a glass of milk, and many flavors to enhance the flavors of my fruit smoothies and yogurts. So many ways to use these great drops! :-) on 9th Jul 2014

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