About Us

Hello and welcome to Pounds and Inches Away!

Great career advice….”pursue your passion.” At Pounds and Inches Away, our staff is passionate about helping people to maintain a healthy body weight and to “eat right”, whether this is to eat less to reduce body weight, eat more of certain foods to increase nutritional stockpiles or eat differently to accommodate temporary or even permanent conditions as we go through life.

The word “diet” calls to mind a feeling of restriction but it really should not. The definition of “diet” is “the usual food and drink of a person….” We should focus not on the unhealthy foods we can’t/shouldn’t eat but on what good tasting healthy foods we can enjoy as we infiltrate them into our daily lives. 

Check out our organic salad dressings, hot sauce and organic bbq sauces. We also offer beef, chicken, bison and seafood. All are pre-portioned and the chicken and seafood are even pre-cooked for the ultimate in convenience! 

Best wishes,

Elise, Cindy, Cynthia, Julie

Customer Service Team