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    **We are discontinuing our frozen food items as we run out of them. When each item is gone, it's gone. So stock up if you love it!**

    Our Chicken is PRECOOKED which makes it super convenient for quick low calorie meals. The chicken is surrounded by its own juices during cooking, so it makes the chicken very flavorful and moist. This meat pack includes 6 serving size chicken pieces. 

    The chicken is defatted, measured into 3.5 ounce servings, vacuum packed, and cooked ‘sous vide’ (which means that the chicken and spices are placed in sealed pouches and then cooked together), and flash frozen for the freshest taste. It makes a great, healthy, quick and convenient low calorie meal. 

    The Chicken servings are portioned 2 servings per pouch for ease and convenience. Remove from freezer and defrost in water until thawed. Shred the Chicken and eat atop of a salad, warm in the microwave, or add it to your favorite low calorie recipes. We have found that topping this chicken with BBQ Seasoning will give your chicken a taste of summer by making you feel like you are eating real barbequed chicken while actually eating low calorie and healthy.

    Ingredients: Chicken, Oregano, Salt, Pepper.

    Nutritional Information*: Serving Size: Approx. 3.5 oz (100g), Servings Per Package 6, Calories 110, Total Fat 1g, Protein 23g. 

    *Values from based on 100 gram (approximately 3.5 ounces) pre-cooked serving size.  

    ***Please Note: The proteins that ARE precooked (cod, shrimp and chicken) are packaged as 100 gram servings; however, after cooking, the weight can vary significantly just like when you prepare a 100 gram serving in your own kitchen.  So please expect the precooked items to weigh lighter than the 100 grams.



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    1. Chicken Review

      I love the precooked chicken. It is seasoned just right and it so convenient to make a quick meal. Yes, I will buy again. on 25th Feb 2018

    2. Tasty Chicken

      I love the fact that these are already portioned out and pre-cooked. I can pop them out of the freezer at the last minute and they thaw quickly. They are tender and quite tasty. on 16th Aug 2015

    3. Yummy chix

      Chicken delicious and so easy to prepare various recipes or juat heat in microwave & eat. Quick & easy. on 19th Apr 2015

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