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Meat Lovers Food Pack

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    This Meat Lovers Food Pack offers a wide variety of meats and vegetable sauces that can be used while on the Pounds and Inches Away Plan. All of these are already conveniently ready for you, because they have been prepared by having all the fat removed and being weight to be exactly 3.5 ounces. Take the guess work of out with our Meat Lovers Food Pack. All of the foods in the Meat Lovers Food Pack can be used on the Pounds and Inches Away Plan along with other healthy eating plans.

    The Meat Lovers Food Pack Includes:

    • (18) Servings of Meats
      • 4 servings of Meat - Sirloin
      • 4 servings of Meat - Filet Mignon
      • 2 servings of Meat - Ground Round
      • 4 servings of Meat - Tender Tips
      • 4 servings of Meat - Chicken (Precooked)*
    • (4) Bags of Premade Sauces (8 servings)
      • 2 bags of Tomato Italiano Sauce
      • 2 bags of Chili Sauce

    *The proteins that ARE precooked (cod, shrimp and chicken) are packaged as 100 gram servings; however, after cooking, the weight can vary significantly just like when you prepare a 100 gram serving in your own kitchen. So please expect the precooked items to weigh lighter than the 100 grams.

    For more information (such as ingredients, cooking instructions, etc) on the foods listed above please view the individual products. 


    *To see if a substitution can be made on any products within this package please call our customer service line at 888-389-0625.


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    1. Hungry Man Food

      This is a great product. The beef is tender and delicious. The fish and chicken are yummy and being precooked makes preparation easy. Time saving. Filets are excellent. Highly recommended. on 7th Mar 2016

    2. Hearty & tasty

      Beef is tender & easy to cook on the grill.. Delicious. on 19th Apr 2015

    3. Time saver

      The filets are excellent. Juicy and tender.
      Loved the precooked items and sauces.5337
      on 26th Sep 2014

    4. Live Saver

      Perfect for HCG phase vlcd. Made it easier with the precooked chicken for when I was in a hurry. on 21st Jul 2014

    5. Best Foods

      These foods make my life easy on the diet... no more weighing, no more stressing about if I am buying the correct meat cuts or not. LOVE IT! on 9th Jul 2014

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