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HCG Drops

HCG Drops (Alcohol Based) - 1 oz Bottle

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    Ships Same Day ~  Free Unlimited Support  ~  Made in the USA  ~  Unique Calibrated Dropper


    We say that our drops are ‘new and improved’ because we’ve tweaked the formula a bit. This product contains all the same ingredients as before and is still an alcohol based product, but we’ve switched to a higher grade of alcohol resulting in the drops having a more sweet and smooth taste vs. the bitter, burning taste you may have experienced before. We’ve also incorporated Vitamin B12 for increased energy and added two more HCG potency levels, 3X and 6X, which may be considered ‘stronger’ by some participants.

    You'll also receive a FREE HCG Diet Safe Sample Kit including:

      • 2 Simple Girl Salad Dressing & Marinade Samples
      • 1 Simple Girl Sauce Sample
      • 4 Simple Girl Seasoning Samples
      • 2 Tiffalina's Personal Care Samples
      • 1 Stevia Sample


    Our custom blended Pounds and Inches Away HCG Homeopathic Diet Drops are to be used in conjunction with Dr. Simeons’ original HCG Diet Protocol for typical weight loss of 20-30 lbs in 30-40 days. This 1 oz bottle of HCG Diet Drops will last you about 15-20 when measuring .4 cc three times per day on the HCG Diet.

    Supplement Ingredients: Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) and HCG Cell salts (to prevent muscle cramping occasionally reported by clients), B-12, Purified Water and 20% USP Alcohol

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    1. Follow the Program

      Follow the Program and it will work for you as stated. Don't follow the program and you will not succeed. I have had very good results and hopefully my next round I will be at my goal weight that I want to be. on 12th Sep 2016

    2. It works!

      I am amazed! A few years ago I took the shots and lost some weight I gained it back and thought I would try the drops.

      Its so easy, and I have lost 16 lbs in 3 weeks which is more than I lost with the shots in a month! I just started week #3. The food chart is great also. I am looking forward to doing another round. These drops are great!!!
      on 10th Jul 2016

    3. I love this product

      The first week was a little rough I felt hungry. I found flavoring my water with favored stevia help me drink all I needed and then some. That really filled the void. After the first week the hunger pains went away and I had so much energy. on 20th Jun 2016

    4. Weight FALLS OFF!

      Love this product! If you follow the directions and really only eat 500 calories per day, and you take the drops as prescribed, you will not be hungry and you WILL lose weight! on 8th Apr 2016


      These drops are comparable second to none in my book. I researched drops vs injections and honestly have a terrible fear of needles. I'm using these drops on my protocol and was initially concerned because of previous health issues. I went ahead and gave them a try and I'm sooo glad I did. In my opinion, you are receiving a quality product that mimics exactly what Dr. Simeon's expected when he used injections, but these drops make it much more convenient and the potency meet those guidelines as well. Thank you P&IA for your integrity and commitment to providing excellence. on 15th Jan 2016

    6. Really Does Work!

      This stuff suppresses my appetite while allowing me to gradually regain my energy (after about a week of use). If you follow the diet plan along with the drops it will work. on 23rd Jun 2015

    7. Improved drops

      New formula gives me energy & is effective for weight loss. on 19th Apr 2015

    8. New and improved.

      I like this new version. Works even better. on 25th Mar 2015

    9. This Works

      Other HCG drops gave me a stomach ache. I couldn't stick to them. This brand actually made me feel very energetic. I am losing a pound or two a day. Love it! on 9th Jul 2014

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