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How Can I Maximize My Success on the HCG Diet?

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Try a simple Google search of “quick weight loss” and you’ll find hundreds of results with varying degrees of success. Today, many dieters are looking for that one solution that is quick, easy and painless. As the HCG diet grows in popularity due to its promise and delivery of weight loss, many are turning to this solution. But it won’t be your magic pill. How can you ensure that you maximize your success while on the HCG diet?

Don’t skip the Gorge or the Load Days. When was the last time your diet told you to gorge on fat? It might be easy to dismiss this step and move straight on, but the first two gorge days of the diet WHIILE YOU TAKE HCG can prove to be the most important. Consider it topping off your gas tank before a long road trip — you’re going to need that fuel.

Examine your food. Don’t just blindly eat certain foods because you think they’re allowed — make sure it’s the right food prepared the right way. Today, many foods contain injections with extra sugar or other chemicals that work against your weight loss. Canned fruit or vegetables can easily have unallowed extras listed in the ingredients.  Even during maintenance, those mandarin orange slices packed in sugar water won’t do you much good and neither will the tablespoon of sugar in your coffee – try some all-natural stevia, plain (to just add sweetness) or some of the 14 available flavors to add sweet and delicious flavor.  It will be worth it in the long run. 

Understand your diet. If somebody told you eating just grape fruit every day would help you lose weight, they would probably be right. But why? Before you begin your HCG diet, it can be helpful to understand how and why it works — just like with the gorge days. Luckily, you can download Dr. Simeon’s manuscript on our website to learn for yourself. 

Ready to do some research of your own? Get all the HCG diet info you need on our “about” section or reach out to us today.

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