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HCG Planned Break | Cheating on HCG

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With birthdays, vacations, and other events coming up, you might be tempted to cheat on the HCG Diet. If you are going to cheat, there is a 'right-way' to do it. It's called a "Planned Break" and it's used to minimize the effects of cheating on the HCG Diet.

KEEP IN MIND: For the best results in resetting an HCG planned break:

  1. Stop taking HCG 3 days prior to the Planned Break.
  2. While on the 'break', eat high protein, low carb meals. Eat healthy and keep processed or added sugars and starches to a minimum (but you do not have to completely avoid them). Drink hard alcohol vs. wine, beer or sugary drinks due to the low carb recommendation.
  3. The 'Planned Break' can last up to 10 days.
  4. Decide when you're going to get back on the HCG Diet.
  5. In the morning, start taking your HCG drops again and start following the 500 calorie HCG P2 Food List (no gorge days needed).
  6. Continue as normal.

You may gain a few pounds, but should lose them relatively quickly upon resuming the protocol.

For example, if you would really like to lose 10 – 20 pounds before you go on a cruise in a month, you could start the protocol with the plan to stop taking HCG three days prior to leaving for the cruise. On the cruise, you would attempt to keep carbs to a minimum (not completely avoid, but attempt to minimize these selections) while enjoying all the meat, fats, fruits, vegetables and hard alcohol that makes your trip enjoyable.Obviously, this is not the same as a gorge, but a comfortable level of intake.

Upon your return, you would immediately return to HCG with the Very Low Calorie Diet.Typically, you would lose any weight gained on the trip within 3 – 7 days and resume losing to complete the round.

This is a significantly better plan than finishing up a round right before a cruise or other event and being on the first three weeks of maintenance when NO sugars and NO starches are allowed.Under this scenario, any weight gained may not come off so quickly since you can’t resume the HCG Diet until the six weeks of maintenance have passed.

NOTE:This is not recommended if you just have one meal (a wedding) or one day (Thanksgiving Day) that you are going to eat “off protocol”. For these situations, it is better to just take the “hit” of gaining a couple pounds and faithfully resuming the diet the next day.

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