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Feature Phase 2 Product: HCG Diet Safe BBQ Sauce

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That’s right. We said it: HCG Safe BBQ Sauce. It’s a real thing and it’s AMAZING!! But don’t take our word for it. This HCG Diet approved (Simple Girl brand) Carolina style BBQ Sauce is definitely a customer favorite. 

Here’s a small sampling of what people are saying:

“Can’t believe it’s HCG friendly…Yum…Needed to break the monotony of P2 and am now using this in P3. Delish!!” –3GirlsMama

“I really like having this around. It spices up any meal and doesn’t make you feel deprived.” –Unknown

“Unexpectedly good! I marinated some chicken for myself and my family and didn’t tell any of them that I was using an HCG approved product. I received so many compliments and requests for where I bought this. They were shocked to find it was so good. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is on the protocol and also for every day meal preparation as well. I’ll definitely be buying more.” –JV

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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