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What if I Don’t Want to “Gorge” the First 2 Days Because I Don’t Want to Gain Weight?

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According to Dr. Simeons’ Diet Protocol, a person is supposed to take hcg and “eat to capacity the most fattening foods they can get down”. Note that Simeons used the term “fattening”, not high calorie in describing what kind of foods to eat. Emphasis during gorging should be to eat foods with high fat content. The good doctor said the reason for this is that the normal fat reserves (easy for the body to access) must be reasonably well stocked before switching to the restrictive diet since it takes about 2-3 days for the hcg to build up in your system and allow your body to start tapping into the abnormal fat stores (hard for the body to access).Without a stocked normal fat reserve or easy access to abnormal fat stores via hcg, a person following a low-calorie diet would be very uncomfortable. In other words, they’d be starving and won’t likely last on the diet.

In addition to this physical benefit, the “gorge” or “load” days provide a psychological benefit as well. These two days are your chance to get rid of cravings by having all those things that you normally don’t allow yourself. Go ahead and get it out of your system so you really don’t want food for a few days.

So, if you are very concerned about gaining weight during the gorge days AND you are not a person who fights back cravings or feels deprived when dieting, you may choose to gorge in a High Fat/ Extremely Low Carb way, which will generally avoid weight gain:

Eat a significant amount of high fat with very low carb food.That means eliminating foods with sugar and most carbs – very Atkins diet-like. Nix the soda, candy, donuts, and pasta and instead have things like bacon, nuts, cheese, and sausage. Fat foods are satisfying foods and will do the job of stocking your normal fat reserves but, again, this approach is not recommended for everyone. Know thyself!

WARNING: If you are a person who is going to feel deprived and have major sugar cravings from gorging in this manner, don’t do it. It’s far better to satisfy your cravings and gain a couple of pounds that will be lost in the first two days of the low-calorie diet.Regular gorging, done right, with lots of fat and sugars makes you sick of those foods, at least temporarily, so you don’t feel deprived the first week, and this gets you off to a good start!

So how does gorging look different?

Typical Gorge Meal Example (High Fat, High Carbs, High Sugar)

Breakfast: Omelet, English muffin with butter and jelly, fruit salad, cinnamon roll, coffee with creamer and sugar

Snacks: Bagel with cream cheese

Lunch: Sub sandwich, chips, soda, ice cream

Dinner: Pasta con broccoli, garlic bread, salad with ranch dressing, glass of wine, and cheesecake for dessert.

High Fat/Extremely Low Carb Gorge Meal Example (High Fat, Low Carbs, Low Sugar)

Breakfast: 2 egg-omelet with cheese and bacon, salsa and sour cream, sausage and bacon, coffee with cream and artificial sweetener

Snacks: Nuts, Peanut butter or cream cheese on celery, jerky

Lunch: Large hamburger without the bun, cheese, pickles, large salad w/bleu cheese dressing

Dinner: Ribeye steak, broccoli with cheese, salad with ranch dressing, cheese and bacon bits

Both of these meals have a very satisfying amount of fat.The first also has a significant amount of carbs/sugar in the pasta, bread, wine, and cheesecake.You know if these are foods that you love, always deprive yourself of, or crave.If so, eat too much of all of it and you will not want to see these foods for a while.This will buy you the time to get past the first week of the diet which might otherwise be difficult.

The second meal still has plenty of fat to feel very satisfied and carry you over the first week if you don’t have to be concerned about sabotaging yourself and giving in to cravings or falling for the first un-allowed food item that rolls past you on the donut cart at work because you feel sorry for yourself.

Hopefully you see the difference and are now educated to make the right choice for you – happy gorging!

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