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From Low Cal to Maintenance (Wahoo!)

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The Pounds and Inches Away Program begins with the “Load” or “Gorge Days” when, for 2 days, you eat food with lots of fat and take hcg. On the 3rd day of hcg, you begin the “Effective HCG Days” when, for 21 up to 38 days, you follow the Very Low Calorie Diet and take hcg. It is during these Effective HCG Days, that your body will say “bye bye” to 20-30 lbs. if you follow the diet properly and, of course, had that amount of weight to lose at a minimum.

As you come down the home stretch, as the maintenance phase approaches, be aware of the transition between the Low Calorie Diet (Phase 2) and Maintenance (Phase 3). On the last Effective HCG Day (take hcg and follow the low calorie diet), record your morning weight and then circle it, put a gold star or notate in some way that this is the glorious weight that you’ll strive to maintain.

The next 72 hours are yet another critical time because it is during this period that the hcg will be exiting your system. Do NOT take hcg but follow the low calorie diet for the next 3 days with the exception that, on the third day, if you feel hungry, you may have an extra meal consisting of 2 eggs for breakfast in addition to the 2 meals, lunch and dinner, you have been eating all along. It is important during these 3 days to remember that hcg is in your system. Everybody is different and it may take longer for hcg to exit my body than it takes for hcg to exit your body, but 3 days should do it. Keep in mind that you should continue to refrain from touching fat, using your pre-diet makeup, creams, lotions, etc. during the 3 exit days. If you don’t, it’s likely that you’ll gain back some of the weight you lost very quickly. People who don’t follow the low calorie diet restrictions during these 3 days are subject to rapid gain and think, “If I gain weight back this quickly, there’s no way I’m going to be able to keep my weight off; I give up.” But, remember, your body is in a whole different world when there is hcg in it and just because you didn’t take it today doesn’t mean that it’s out of your system!

On the other hand, since hcg will be in your system part of that time, if you follow the low calorie diet, you will likely lose a couple more pounds…but don’t get your heart set on this weight. These couple more pounds are considered a “cushion” and you need to maintain the weight you recorded on the last day you took hcg (look for your circle and gold star!).

After these 3 days, give yourself a pat on the back; you’re off to maintenance and that’s a whole ‘nother subject (soon to be a blog I’m sure)!

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