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A Little-Known Side Effect of the Pounds and Inches Away System

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If you’ve done your homework on the HCG Diet Protocol, you probably know that the protocol consists of 1. taking hcg and 2. following a very specific diet. Your research may also describe how a large amount of hcg is present in a woman’s body during pregnancy and that one of the functions of the hcg is to allow the body to tap into abnormal fat reserves when food or calorie content is low, which can result in fast and effective weight loss.

You likely have also googled the side effects of HCG or perused the list on many sites on the internet. However, the side effect that I’m about to describe to you is rarely mentioned, probably because people simply don’t recognize it as a side effect of the diet. What I’m referring to is the “nesting effect”.

The nesting effect has been defined as “a pregnant woman’s urge to clean, organize and get their life in order”. The nesting effect is a primal instinct that goes back many thousands of years and is experienced by most female species of the animal kingdom.

After the first 5-7 days on the diet, which is a period of transition and cleanse, many people experience lots of energy and frequent impulses to clean and organize. People usually attribute these energetic feelings to their decrease in carb intake since the HCG Diet is a high protein/low carb diet. After all, people who eat a large quantity of carbohydrates usually have times throughout the day when they crash with fatigue. But in all reality, it is the presence of the nesting effect rather than the absence of carbs that is the reason for this new behavior.

Here’s what some of our customers had to say about their experience with the nesting effect.

“The energy I get while on the HCG Diet helps me to get going in the morning and keeps me going all day at work. Once I get home, I still have energy to accomplish things around the house.” Julie

“My husband LOVES when I do the HCG Diet because I always clean and organize areas that I never touch otherwise! Even I look forward to what I am going to get done myself…good stuff!”Linda

“I washed all the windows in my entire house…I hadn’t done that in years!” Debbie

“It’s the weirdest thing. Normally, I get home from work and crash but while I was on the PAIA Diet, I got home from work, saw something in disorder -- a drawer, cabinet, etc., and I actually felt like organizing it. I made great use of my time while on the diet!” LM

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