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6 Ways to Boost Your Energy While on the VLCD

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While most HCG Protocol participants report having lots of energy and getting crazy things done like cleaning out drawers, cabinets, and the basement while on HCG, there may be times during the day when you feel like you are dragging. Here are a few things that you can do to get a little energy boost.

1. Pour yourself a tall glass of WATER. -- “Water” is to “body” as “gas” is to “car”; water is vital for our bodies to function. A dehydrated body is deprived of fuel, which can have an effect on energy levels as well as your memory.

2. Have lean steak for your next meal. -- More than a great protein, steak is a rich source of iron. Iron helps the body to make blood cells and to disperse oxygen throughout the body. Not eating enough iron can result in low energy levels, dizziness, headache and irritability.

3. Lighten things up! -- Open up the curtains or blinds to let the natural light in. If you don’t have access to a window, adjust the setting on your computer screen to make it as bright as possible, turn on a lamp or other bright light. Light is thought to improve mental alertness and subdue sleep inducing hormones.

4. Go for a walk. -- Even a short walk around the block will increase the amount of oxygen flowing to your brain. If you’re at work, find a private spot…it can even be the restroom. Run as fast as you can IN PLACE for 2 minutes to get revved up.

5. Turn on some music. -- Music can have a significant effect on your energy level. While some types of music can calm you and make you sleepy, others can wake you up and help you to be more attentive. If this is an option for you, depending upon your surroundings and the tasks you’re involved in, make sure to choose upbeat high-energy music to get you going.

6. Take Vitamin B12. -- Choose HCG drops that include Vitamin B12 in the formulation or you may even want to take a stand alone Vitamin B12 supplement. Make sure that it has been formulated for the HCG Protocol so that it has no added sugars, oils or starches. Vitamin B12 works in the body to convert carbs into glucose, which leads to the production of energy and a lessening of lethargy and fatigue. As a bonus, Vitamin B12 is also critical for healthy nails, hair and skin and aids in the reproduction of cells and the constant process of skin renewal. This is especially beneficial when the skin has the task of shrinking as a large amount of weight is lost.

Best of luck in your weight loss journey!

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